maanantai 1. elokuuta 2016

Life in Noumea

First few days in Noumea, we were just recovering from the trip and tried to get things sorted. First night we spent in Port Mosel marina,which was good because we were able to wash our clothes (by hand because laundry service is way too expensive! 12€ per kg) and the most important: we got a good and long sleep.
Marina cost us about 25€ per night.
There are no real anchorages near Port Mosel (if you want to come to shore by dinghy), but we just anchored near the moorings and no one came to say anything. We use Port Moselles dinghy dock which costs about 3€ per day. That includes showers, internet,water and carbage disposal. There are not many places you can leave your dinghy without the fear someone steals it.
We don't like Noumea too much and the only reason that we are still here is internet. We used few days for searching info about Indonesian formalities ect. It was a bit confucing, because internet had different information than what we got from Indonesian embassy (they made some changes in feb 2016 so the info didn't reach everyone yet:)). However, we got things sorted and on thursday we'll get our Visas. We still need to send some forms to Indonesian customs. Actually getting the Visa for us is very simple, but taking boat there is another story.
We are aloud to stay 60 days in Indonesian waters and visit 18 ports (there is a list of ports where we can go). If we wanted to stay longer, we should have taken an agent and then we would have needed a CAIT aswell.
We got very friendly and good service in Indonesian embassy here.
Visa costs 50€ each...
Last weekend we went to ilot Maitre where they have free moorings (only 3nm from Port Mosel).
There were also few boats we knew before ( s/y Origo,Norway and s/y Libertalia, NZ).
It was great to swim with turtles and there was also some coral there. Our friends from s/y Libertalia had SUP boards and we got to try them. I wasn't really good at it but it was great fun!
Michelle from Libertalia also cut my hair and I got really happy about it! She is golden!
One evening Michelle and Thomas from Origo came to our boat with a cake and we had nice evening with them.
Today we'll go to a long walk and some shopping and then we'll go to some other anchorage.
Nice thing here is that you can do daytrips to other islands and the distances are not very long (if you want stay around Noumea).
We need to be around because on thursday we'll go to pick up our Visas. After that we may sail to ile des Pins which is south of the main island.
We are planing to leave to Indonesia in 2weeks.

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