sunnuntai 19. kesäkuuta 2016

Waiting in Whangarei

Homeless has been in the water about one week now. Launching went well ( see video ). We feel so happy to be on water again!
Weather doesn't look too good though...low pressure is coming and we'll get strong winds here and aroundings. So at least we have to wait this week still. Locals told us that july may be better month for going to the tropics from NZ.
Fortunately there are some other boats waiting with us. Many are heading to Fidzi and Vanuatu.
Our route will be New Caledonia- PNG-Torres-strait-Indonesia-Thailand. That's the plan A.
We want to spend longer time in Asia and then come back to Vanuatu ect. Now we won't have enough time.
We try to stay positive here and we bought again one week training card in Fight fitness. So we will make best of it here!
Today we went for morning practise at 6 o'clock and they gave us hard time again:)
Yesterday our friend Ronnie took us to Whangarei falls and we had little walk there. It was beautifull there!
So our time here is passing well. We have spent evenings with other sailors and got good tips where to go in New Cal ect. Also we got some contacts in PNG and Thailand (thank you Philip and Lorna).
Today Ronnie is about to finish our dodger. Homeless will look much better (little facelift:))

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  1. Kattelin just säitä ja harmillisilta näyttää tuulet. Olis hienoo kun pääsisitte matkaan. Pidetään peukkuja. Ymmärsin että teidän olis tarkotus tulla aasiasta takas Vanuatulle?? Ollaan mekin vähän herätelty toiveita lähtee ens vuonna tuomaan vene takas eurooppaan. Tsemppiä