perjantai 1. heinäkuuta 2016


Last night and this morning we got to feel how Whangarei's winter feels like. We don't even know how cold it was during the night, but at 7 o'clock in the morning pier, sailcovers and our dodger were covered with frost.
In the boat we had only 9 degrees when we woke up. We don't have a heater, but we put our stove on and the temperature rise very fast up to 20 degrees.
As every saturday morning (6-10 o'clock) locals get together in farmers market. Farmers come there to sell their products in reasonable price. This time of the year mandarins, lemons, lettuce, kiwi fruits and carrots are very cheap. For example 3kg bag of mandarins cost 5NZD.
Last tuesday we did some test sailing and spent one night in anchor. On wednesday morning it started to blow very strong and we got some heavy rain. At 9 o'clock we decided to take anchor up and go back to marina. Fortunately it was only 15nm to town basin.
Our actual plan was to do some more sailing on wednesday, but as the weather was like it was, we found it better to go back.
All seems to be ok with our boat and next thursday(7.7) looks like good day to leave.
We have been thinking to stop on Norfolk island on the way to New Caledonia. It is about 500nm from Whangarei. There are actually no good anchorages, but if the wind comes from right direction, we can stay there. From there it is about 500nm to New Caledonia.
All depends on winds...
Despite the cold weather, we have had great time here. We have practised in Fight Fitness and spent time with our friends.
Yesterday was our last practise in Fight Fitness and I felt kind of sad.  We had an amazing 3 weeks with our wonderfull coaches Mike and Rangi! Big thanks also for all those nice people we trained with.
Laiturit oli jäässä aamulla
There was a frost in the morning

Kaunis tuuleton aamu, mutta kylmä
Beautiful but cold morning

Farmers market
Go hard or go home!
Wonderful Mike and Rangi

Muutama hieno jenkkiauto
some old American cars

Kananmuna kahdella keltuaisella
Special eggs

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