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Salut¡ New Caledonia

Sunday morning 17.7 about 8.30 Homeless left Town basin marina, Whangarei. Our friends Pete&Clem came to say goodbye to us and brought a delicious cake for us to enjoy during the passage. Thank you so so much!
We motored along the Hatea river and went to Masden Cove for checking out. Custom officer was little late, but it didn't matter. We were just happy that he came just for us on sunday.
We had all the forms ready so checking out took only few mins(in NZ you have to send customs advance notice of departure&picture of your boat. Other forms we gave him to hand).All forms you can find on NZ customs website.
Little bit before 14 o'clock we were ready to leave.
Just when we got out of the river we saw few dolphins. They came say good bye ( thats what I'm thinking;)) I get little over excited when I see dolphins...
First few days we had 35knots of wind +gusts and we were sailing only with small part of genua. And the waves were beating Homeless..
We knew that before so we were prepared for it.
There was a full moon which helped a lot in night watches.
Then on 3rd day wind calmed down to 20 knots and we had great sailing.
All went well untill about 300nm south of Noumea. We got wind, waves and current against us. We pushed though one day and then we decided to sail west and wait for better winds. Fortunately did that only for one day. The next day we had a perfect sailing to the right direction.
We had a same kind of experience when we were sailing from Panama to Galapagos...felt a little bit frustrated...
In this area we got 0-2knots of current and mostly against us.
About that time when we felt little sad because we couldn't go forwards, we got a nice message from s/y Libertalia(they were about 125nm north of us). Zane wrote us an encourage poem, which I will add in the end of this post.
We arrived Noumea on 26th of july and the welcome was very friendly. We called vhf 67 for Port Mosel and they answered with good english. Also in marina office they were very friendly.
All in all we had okey passage. Beautiful sunny days, dolphins and some days of great sailing.
What can you expect more?;)
And big thanks for all nice messages what we got on the way!
Here is the poem:

From lands to the north and far beyond,
came the seafaring Vikings, fair and blonde
They sailed the seas to find a free land,
and took their time to survey New Zealand.
They were young and brave with a need to be free!
So once again they pushed out to sea.
They set off in waves and winds that were violent,
and yelled at the ocean until she was quiet.
Now they motor and long for a breeze,
that will carry them on to Noumea palm trees.
The race may be lost but they still stand to gain
On ice at arrival is the contenders champagne
Their progress is modest, they cannot gloat,
but the Vikings are coming... in their blood red boat!

By Zane s/y Libertalia

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