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Gili Air 27.09 - 02.10.2016 (English)

After about 1hour motoring from Medana bay, we arrived Gili Air. First thing we noticed was that massive amount of speedboats transporting turists from island to island and to some reefs nearby. It felt little busy, but we thought it's nice to have some change for hanging around with locals. Nice and lazy life eating western food😊

Gili Air isn't big island. It took us 1.5hours to walk around it.
Also it's forbidden to bring cars or scooters there, so horses and bikes were only transportation within the island. We also saw a few electric scooters...
That is a paradise for people who want to relax in the sun, take facial treatments, massages, snorkling,diving and enjoy life in reasonable price.

One day we also took a local boat and went to Gili Trawangan. It was about 30min trip from Gili A and cost 40 000Rp (under 3€) /one way/person.
Gili T is little bit bigger island than Gili A( yet it took us 2hours to walk around it) and it's known as "a party island". Loads of bars, restaurants and cafes. For our taste it was too busy...But again, we were only shortly there and don't know how life really looks like if you stay longer there.
Turism gives locals places to work and that's a good thing!
At 16 o'clock we took boat back to Gili A.
(Why we didn't go there by our own boat was ,because there can be about 3kt current in the anchorage.)

We didn't just relax there, we maintained Homeless of course. Our mastlight was broken and we tried to figure what was wrong. Mikko went few times to mast and couldn't make it work. So we decided to fix it later and went to local "hardwarestore" and bought flashing light what local boats normally use in the night. Red, green, yellow and blue lights flashing...Perfect!😂
Homeless turned into christmastree! But in the country you must try to do like locals do...

On saturday we spent a nice day and evening with one Finnish guy who sailed there by his own boat s/y Fågelblå. We knew he was coming and felt really happy to see other sailor from Finland!
On sunday after having a good localfood meal we left towards Lovina beach, Bali.

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