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Belitong 13.-20.10.2016 and island hopping (English)

It's been a while that I posted something. There was so much going on that I actually forgot our blog.
Well, now I'll start from Belitong. First of all, Belitung is the cleanest island in Indonesia. They told us proudly how they have started recycling and we really saw that! We are proud of them aswell!
During that week we spent there, we had lots of activities and met nice people (locals and other sailors).. We were there at the same time with Sail  Indonesia so in the anchorage there were about 25 boats. Nice was that we were also invited to their activities and trips. Indonesian government paid that all.
We went with others to whole day bustrip to east part of Belitong. Very nice dance performances, little hike to few mines, delicious lunch and lots of other culture related things. We also saw miss Belitong and she was singing for us:)
We found it funny that police car was driving all the time in front of us. Felt like celebrities!;)
One day we also hired a scooter and went for few hours ride. Our italian friend Matteo was with us.
Belitong is really one of our favourites in Indonesia!
From Belitong we motored 240nm/2days to Kongsa Besar island. That was a tiny island where were mostly fishermen living with their families. Unfortunately we didn't go to shore at all because as soon as we dropped our anchor, wind started blowing very strongly and got lots of rain. After the rain settled down a little, we saw (really!)  about 100 fishingboats leaving from that island. And of course, they drove very close  to our boat and some of them invited us to their houses.
Next morning we left again. First Mikko had to fight 30 mins to get anchor up.
Mesanak island was 37nm away from Kongsa Besar. Again MOTORING!!! Of course we got also lots of rain, currents against and also fishing traps kept us busy. These "hoppings" from island to island weren't really our favourite...Homeless is a sailingboat, not motorboat!!!Grrr!!!
Great thing was that one other sailor cooked us a dinner in that evening. Didn't really feel like cooking...
Some young boys came also to see us and wanted to come on board to take pics with us. Why not:) Mikko visited also their boat and again was time for fotos.
That island looked also very facinating and we are planning to go back there next year.
So again we stayed only one night and 24.10.2016  05:20 we started our motor and headed to Sembulang. It was 37nm to get there. When we arrived near that anchorage, we noticed, we have nice current with us and some wind so we continued  still 26nm to Nongsa point marina where we cleared out from Indonesia. We arrived there at 17 o'clock, so perfect timing before dark.
Nongsa point marina is very expensive and faraway from everything, but the service was excellent!
We paid 1000 000 Rp for clearing out  (70€), but it was worth it.
In that area, there are only resorts after resorts...we were just swimming in the pool and relaxed.
All in all, great service and friendly staff!
26.10.2016 at 06:30  we left towards Malaysia. About after few mins after departure our motor stopped working. It was just in front of brakewater!Great! Mikko dropped our anchor so we were able to stop our boat before crashing anything. Mikko found the reason pretty fast (diesel valve was closed).
So after a little while, we were motoring again.
On the way we had to cross that shiplane in front of Singapore! We saw about 470 ships in our AIS QUITE busy, huh!
That crossing and 2hours trip to Tanjung Pengel marina went well...Only in the marina we got some problems. So many things went wrong when we tried to tie our boat to that pontoon. Well, at the end all was good and I got more experience to maneuver Homeless alone.
Checking in in Tanjung Pengel was really easy and fast. First harbourmaster, then custom and immigration. All free!
After that we motored about 1nm to north and anchored by the river. Stayed there one night and now we are in Senibong cove marina and we'll rest here for a while
We miss Indonesia already!!!Next year we are planning to go back. Terimakasih & sampai jumba Indonesia! Saya cinta padamu

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