tiistai 20. joulukuuta 2016

Ahoi from Phuket!(English)

It's been a long while when I was posting something. Malaysia didn't inspire me to write anything...
Well, the highlights of Malaysia were Pangkor, Penang and Langkawi. Especially Langkawi is a beautiful island and lots of things to do. Unfortunately it was raining quite a lot when we were there so couldn't do much. We hired a car for one day and drove around with guys from s/y Chantilly1 and otherday we did nice long walk to the waterfalls with them and guys from s/y Spirit.
We'll go back there in few months so maybe better luck then.

We left Homeless also in Langkawi for few days and took a ferry to Penang. Ferry trip took 3hours and cost about 15e/each.
It was nice to spend few days in hotel and have like mini holiday from home. Also we got our Thai visas there, which were for our surprise FREE!
Penang has a nice architecture, beautiful old buildings. Most I liked a little India, so colourful and could hear music everywhere. Shame that we didn't take many pics. We spent 3nights there and came back to Langkawi with our friends boat. Was great to be on catamaran!

When we came back to our boat, we noticed that she had moved a bit(100m!!!). Next day we heard that many boats have had problems with anchor holding because of very strong wind. We also heard that one boat almost hit us. Well, Homeless was ok anyway:)

The trip from Langkawi to Phuket took us 3 days, because we did just daytrips. In first anchorage we got surprise in night when we noticed that there were fishing nets around our boat. Mikko was about to cut the net but then we noticed a fishingboat on the other side of the net. They pulled net in and came next to our boat. They were so sorry about what happened and released us from their net. Don't know which one of us was more sorry...
We think that strong current was the reason for all of this. They were driving net behind them and rest is history. That's what we think anyway:)
Last 50nm we were able to SAIL! What a feeling it was!
Arrived Aochalong anchorage in Phuket on 18.12. On 19th we went to check in in to country. It was easy and free.
Here we have just been enjoying the food and finally found a thai boxing gym nearby, where we did our first training yesterday. Think tomorrow we'll try another gym.
So all good here in Thailand! Spending Christmas in Phuket with fellow sailors:)

We'll post some pics from Malaysia still...sorry for the delay!

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