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Kupang, West Timor 10. - 15. 09. 2016

We arrived Kupang after 4days of sailing from Saumlaki. It wasn't the easiest passage, because we were almost all the time "near" the coast.Saw also floating fishing traps,barrels, lots of carbage and few curious fishingboats (one came very close to us but we started speeding with motor).
In Kupang we anchored in front of Teddy's bar. That's common anchorage there. It can be sometimes rolly in the afternoon, but mostly it was ok. Good holding.
Landing with dinghy was sometimes challenging because of  breaking waves. It was safe to leave dinghy on the beach near Teddy's bar.

So our arrival day was saturday and after we anchored and checked all was ok we went to shore for searching harbour master.
On the beach there was a man waiting for us. He introduced hisself as Ayub the "boat agent".He wanted to help us with boat clearance but as we did that already in Saumlaki,we only had to go and see harbour master.
Auyb came with us and we took a "Bemo" (=local bus). It was about 15mins drive and costed us 3000RP (about 0.20e)/each/one way.
After a quick visit at the harbour master, we took a Bemo and went back to town.

Kupang is a good place for stocking up. Few bigger supermarkets and in the evening (starting 5-6pm) there is a night market where they sell veggies, fruits, fish, local dishes. You can eat very cheap.
In Kupang there is not very much to see. They advertise some beaches where you can enter after paying a small fee, but those beaches were dirty and in one of them was a crocodile warning!
In general Indonesian waters are full of rubbish. That's really sad. People trow plastic bottles to sea eventhough there is a rubbish bin next to them.

From Kupang you can make some trips to other cities and to mountains,but prices were too hight for our budget.
So we did "Homeless style" and did few longer walks out of city. We saw how locals live ect. Enjoyed that a lot!
I keep saying this but, indonesians are so so friendly, helpful and welcoming.
And we helped each other with languages. Lots of fun!

In Kupang we could hear daily prayers from Mosques ans that was something new for us.

If you are going to Kupang with sailingboat, there are few good boat agents what you can use. Charlie, who is in my opinnion the best(very helpful and speak good English)and other good one is Ayub who helped us to find port captain. I don't know how much they charge for clearing in, but those two seemed to be reliable.
There was also one guy (who was always drunk) who introduced himself  as "only security guy" and boat agent in town. Well, he was harmless and he finally understood when we kindly told him we don't need his help. He wanted 50 000RP/3e a day for watching our dinghy...

We spent 4 days in Kupang and it was nice to get to know locals and hear about their culture.
Had good and cheap food there aswell.
Only disappointing thing was dirtyness and laundry service. We paid 15 000RP per kg and got our clothes back wet. It wasn't even the cheapest place. We heard that in Indonesia normal price is 7000-8000RP per kg.

Ok, small things😁

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