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Rinca island 17. - 19. 09.2016 (Still Indonesia)

In Rinca (or Rindja, it has many variations;)) we were in two different anchorages. First night we spent in Lehok Ginggo. It was a beautiful and peaceful place. Just after anchoring, we saw Komodo and monkeys on the beach. We had a nice and amusing evening watching monkeys doing their rituals.
Again no other sailingboats there, only 2 local fishingboats.

Next morning we went to other anchorage, Loh Buaya. It wasn''t that peaceful anymore,because local speedboats took turists there to see Komodo dragons. Also komodos were our reason to be there(they live in 4 islands in Indonesia).
Next morning at 7 we went to shore and made nice few hours hike with ranger/guide. We saw many komodos, water buffalo, monkeys,deers, wild big&birds. Our guide Primus told interesting stories about komodos and their way of living (so all info I'll write is what he told us...didn't google anything afterwards;))
These dragons can live up to 50 years and biggest one seen in Rinca is over 3m long! Male komodos don't take care about their families and also females leave their "babies" after 3 months. Untill 3 years old they live in tree, because adults also eat their own babies.
They only come down for eating. Komodos can be even one month without eating! Those beasts eat: water buffalos, monkeys, bigs, birds, deers and also humans (they can smell "meat" with their tongues even up to 5km!).
Our ranger/guide had long stick with him for the case komodo tries to attac us. They push their neck down with the stick...Fortunately there was no need for that.
For example if water buffalo gets biten they can still stay alive/suffer even one week before they die for the poisoning.

We had to pay about 15e fee per person for entering there (incl. ranger). It's not recommended to walk alone there...and we wouldn't eather!Felt safe with the ranger who knew how komodos act.

In this bay we finally met other sailors...since New Caledonia we didn't see any.
It was Australian catamaran s/y Chantilly 1. And guess what??!!They are coming to same direction with us. Nice, young people.
After hiking we both left at the same time towards Flores island and Labuanbajo.

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