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Labuanbajo, Flores island+ Komodo 19.-22.09.2016 (English)

It took us few hours to motor from Rinca to Labuanbajo. Fortunately we didn't have to care about currents this time. Sometimes  here can be extremely strong streams between islands. For example when we changed anchorage in Rinca island,we had to go between Rinca and Komodo islands and we got 8kt current! Also this time our timing was good and we were happy that we counted right.
Okey, so we anchored near Eco lodge in about 5m waters. That place was about 2nm from town center. Tanya& Jarrod from Chantilly 1 told that it's more peaceful there than just in front of town.
Labuanbajos harbour is quite busy because of all those speedboats and sailing ships taking turists (constantly) to other islands to see turist attractions.
Having said that, this was a first turistic TOWN we've seen in Indonesia. Diveshops, turist info points, western style cafes&restaurants everywhere.
Again, like in almost every town, there was a night market where we bought veggies&fruits plus nice local snacks (filled tofu, fried bananas...).
That market was the best thing in there!
Here we also went to harbour master to get stamp to our crew list and told them our next destination (We said Lombok, eventhough we visited Komodo island shortly).
Heard some bad stories about harbour master there but we had no problems...maybe they changed their staff;)
In the morning 21.09 we left from Labuanbajo and headed to Komodo island (telok Batu Montso). It was about 5hours trip. In Komodo the main attraction is of course Komodo dragon itself, but as we saw many in Rinca,we decided to go there only for snorkeling. Coral was very beautiful there and we were extra careful while anchoring. There were few sand "patches" and we anchored in one of those.
So we spent only one night there and decided to start our few days trip to Medana bay,Lombok.

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